• 7 FAQ’S About Sports Betting in Tennessee




  • This article originally appeared on moneypip.com


    Sports betting is an excellent way for sports fans to add excitement to their viewing experience.   

    In Tennessee, online sports betting has exploded in popularity. However, many people are hesitant to give it a try, mainly because they have questions about the particulars. 

    In this article, we will answer some frequently asked questions about sports betting Tennessee”, so you can feel more comfortable entering the world of online sports betting.


    1.Is it legal to bet on sports online in Tennessee?


    Yes! The Tennessee legislature made sports betting legal in May of 2019. Online sportsbooks went live in the state in November of that year.  


    2. Where Can I Place Sports Bets Online In Tennessee?

    You can now place online sports bets through these sportsbooks: Draftkings, BetMGM, Fanduel, Caesars, Wynnbet, Twinspires, and Action 24/7



    3. Is Betting On College Sports Legal?

    Yes. You can bet on college sports. The only requirement is that both teams must be from Tennessee colleges.


    4. What Is The Legal Gambling Age In Tennessee?

    The legal gambling age in Tennessee is 21



    5. What Types of Bets Can I Make Through an Online Sportsbook?

    Pretty much any bet you can make in a traditional sportsbook is available online. The three most popular bets are:

    • Money line Bets: This is a popular bet for newcomers to the world of sports gambling. With a money line bet, you are simply picking who you think will be the winner of an upcoming game. Suppose you are betting on a widely considered heavy favorite team. In that case, your returns will be much lower because these low odds experienced gamblers generally avoid money line bets in favor of the two listed below.
    • Points Spread Bets: With a point spread bet, you are betting on the difference of the scores of both teams. Unlike money line bets, this allows you to get good odds on heavy favorited teams because you are betting not on if they will win or not but by how much they will win by.
    • Over/Under Bets: Another favorite sports betting option for experienced gamblers is the over/under bet. With the over/under bet, you are betting on the total points both teams scored in the game. This is a popular bet amongst experienced gamblers because it allows for a wide range of outcomes, that a gambler who closely follows the teams and uses analytics may be able to get great odds on a bet.


    6. Is It Legal To Place Bets Outside of Tennessee?

    No. Using an online Tennessee-based sportsbook outside of the state is illegal


    7.What Do I Need To Register With a Sportsbook App?

    You will need to prove your identity and residence in the state when registering for an online sportsbook. So you will need your name, DOB, and address. Additionally, they will require some legal verification in your social security number and state-issued ID.


    Try Online Sports Betting Today

    Sports betting could be for you if you already watch sports religiously and want to add even more excitement to the experience. If you are a Tennessee resident, it has never been easier to give it a try, so don’t wait and try it today.